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How to get a Student Visa

The Department of Home Affairs



  • International Students coming to Australia must study on campus internally.
  • International Students NOT coming to Australia can study by Distance or Online.
  • You need a student visa if you wish to study in Australia for over 3 months.
  • If your intended stay in Australia is 3 months or less you may apply for a short stay visa.
  • For periods of study greater than 3 months a Student (Temporary) Visa is required by non-Australian residents and is granted only if you are enrolled in a course of study that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for Overseas for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
  • Hope College is one of the Registered Educational Institutions!

Step 1 – Submit your Application to Hope College (online/email/in person)

  • Complete the student application form.
  • Pay an application fee $150 each course (AUD) and your Overseas Student Health Cover (if you want us to arrange) – Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Cash deposit at office
  • Get a pastoral reference form completed by your local church pastor
  • Write a short essay (approximately 100 words), giving your reasons for wanting to study at Hope College.
  • A copy of your current Passport
  • An IELTS test score result if you have.
  • Please choose one of the following options to submit:
  • 1) Post your application to Hope College Box 35 Varsity Lakes Qld 4227 Australia
  • or
  • 2) Fill out our online application form on Hope College website
  • or
  • 3) Scan and send the forms to “”
  • or
  • 4) Simply visit Hope College office and fill out the form right away!

Step 2 – Process your application

  • Hope College will process your application for enrolment when we have all the documents listed in ‘Step 1’
  • Hope College will issue a CoE(s) to you with your student number and course code number and etc, which will be needed when you apply for your student visa.

Step 3 – Prepare for a Student Visa

  • Visa applications requirements differ from one country to another.
  • You must check the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) Website to collect relevant information for preparation of your student visa application wherever you are applying for it
  • If you are not sure or need more information, please contact your nearest DOHA office and check exactly how to submit your application and what documents to provide.
  • There is only one Student Visa subclass: subclass 500an Australian school.

Step 4 – Apply for your Student Visa 

how to apply for an Australian Student Visa from the DOHA Website.

Please refer to the DOHA website and you will find out more information about student visa application.

The following inforamtion is from the DOHA website:

Step 1

Before you apply

Outside Australia – Apply for your visa at least 6 weeks before your course starts.

In Australia – Allow plenty of time to apply for your next visa, avoid waiting to the last day your current substantive visa expires in case of unexpected complications, as we may not always be able to help you.

Step 2

Gather your documents

To see what you will need to provide evidence of, use the Document Checklist Tool (disclaimer).

Enter your country of passport and education provider to get an accurate document checklist. Choose the option ‘I have not decided on a provider yet’ in the tool if you have not yet chosen a provider.

The tool will tell you what you will need to provide evidence of. If the tool says you need to provide evidence of a certain thing, select ‘Show steps’ to see what kind of evidence we might accept.

Re-check the document checklist based on the country of passport and education provider just before you submit your application to be sure you have the most current list. The Document Checklist Tool is updated twice a year on 31 March and 30 September.

Step 3

Apply for the visa

You must apply for this visa online. You can be in or outside Australia when you apply.

Step 4

After you apply

See what you can and must do after you apply.

Step 5

Visa outcome

We will let you know in writing our decision about your visa application. We will tell you:

  • your visa grant number
  • the date your visa expires
  • your visa conditions

Keep a copy of the decision with you when in Australia.

If we refuse your visa we will let you know in writing. We will tell you why we refused and whether you have a right to a review of the decision.

We will not refund the application charge if we refuse your application.