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Our Trainers



  • Dr. Paul  Allen – Director (Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Philosophy)
  • Pastor Janine Allen – Principal Executive Manager (PEO)
  • Pastor Kim – Sydney Campus Principal (Biblical texts and Theology) + Korean lecturers
  • Pastor David Jones – Campus Director (Old and New Testament themes and Soteriology
  • Pastor Chris Kwon – Student Services Director (Systematic Theology and Worldview)
  • Pastor Justin Reid – Lecturer (Practical Ministry, Biblical Leadership)
  • Pastor Chris Lovell – Lecturer (Biblical Perspectives, Missiology,  and Pastoral Care)
  • Pastor Kerry Lovell – Lecturer (Aged & Disability trainer)
  • Local Church Pastors Lecturing (Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sydney)
  • Sarah Lee – Administrative Assistant and Korean Translation
  • Alice Li – Distance Education Co-ordinator (Bible and Chaplaincy)
  • Kesede Cipriano – Individual Support Course Co-ordinator
  • Meg Febraio- Administrative Assistant (Individual Support Registration)
  • Tola Lynch – College Finance Manager

Hope College is the training ministry of Hope Church Australia. Hope Church Australia is an Australian Christian Church (ACC). Most of our lecturers are ordained ACC pastors. Our Statement of Beliefs: here