Student Administration

Complaints and Appeals For Academic Matters

This Policy is for all students or those persons seeking to enroll at Hope college. This policy is for academic matters. It has been agreed to and ratified by the board of Hope of the Gold Coast Ltd (19/04/2011).

 Definition of terms 


Person who is making the complaint


Person who the complaint is about 


A person who is enrolled or seeking to enrol into any course/ subject/ offered by Hope College, whether formally enrolled for an award qualification or not.

The term ‘student’ in these procedures can also refer to a group of students, or any prospective student seeking toenrol in a VET course of study and who are, or would be entitled to VET FEE-HELP assistance.

Hope College staff members are available, should a student wish to make an appointment to discuss any matters of concern. Students have the opportunity to formally present their case at minimal or no cost to themselves during the early stages of the . Students may be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any relevant meetings. If students choose to access Hope College’s complaints and appeals processes, then their enrolment will still be maintained while the complaints and appeals process is ongoing.  During this time both the complainant and the Respondent are not to be victimized or discriminated against in any way.

 All Students are entitled to access the complaints and appeals procedure as set out by Hope College, regardless of the location of the campus at which the grievance has arisen, the student’s or person’s place of residence or the mode in which they study.

 The following complaints and appeals procedures are supplied to all students before their application and within 7 days of commencing the course via the information brochure, (student rules listed on back page) or on the website and the Student Handbook.

 Any complaints and appeals must be lodged in writing to the principal within 30 days of the complaints and appeals. The Principal will commence investigating, assessing the situation and taking appropriate action within 10 working days of the formal lodgment of the complaint and supporting information. All reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.


Step 1 Members of staff are available to discuss any student concerns. Should the student wish to pursue a complaints and appeals relating to teaching, assessments, and trainers, a Customer Complaint/Appeal Report (see Forms & Templates) must be completed within 10 working days by the staff member who had the initial discussion with the student, and this report must be handed to the Principal immediately.
Step 2 On receipt of the “complaints and appeals” report the Principal will arrange a meeting with the respondent and the complainant to discuss the issue and seek to resolve it.  If the complaint is in regard to the Principle then the Assistant Principle will make himself available to oversee the complaint.
Step 3 If this approach is not satisfactory, resolution will be offered through an independent complaints and appeals resolution committee within 14 days consisting of an independent and impartial senior officer of the college, an independent person and the student. A copy of the completed “complaints and appeals” report will be sent to the independent person before the scheduled meeting, along with an Appeal Procedure Form (see Forms & Templates), which is to be completed at the meeting.
Step 4 If the complaints and appeals are not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, they will be referred to the state or territory registering body or the National Training Complaints Hotline, telephone: 133873. This dispute resolution process does not prevent a student from exercising their rights to other legal remedies. If students are concerned about Hope College’s conduct, then they may contact the SRA, who may suspend or cancel the registration of Hope College. The process of each complaints and appeals is to be recorded in the Complaints and appeals Register (see Register folder).
Step 5 Copies of all paperwork regarding complaints, complaints and appeals are marked confidential, then filed in the RTO filing cabinet under “Student grievance records” and are kept for a period of no less than five years from the date that the complaint was made. All paperwork in regard to complaints is confidential at all times.All paperwork regarding complaints or appeals made by students who are or would be entitled to VET FEE HELP, can be examined by the Complainant and the respondent  at any time providing written notice of their request to see the documents is given.
  If the internal or external complaint handling or appeal process results in a decision that supports the student, Hope College will immediately implement any decision and/or corrective and preventative action required and advise the student of the outcome.  At any point in this process the complainant and/or respondent may requests a full explanation in writing for the decision and/or the steps that have been taken to deal with the grievance.


The Principal’s contact details are:

·        Phone 07 55 510 269 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday (AEST)

·        Email and address the email to “The Principal”

·        Mail Box 35 Varsity Lakes; Qld. 4227 mail to;  “The Prinicipal”

·        The principal is located at our head office 4 /175 Varsity Parade Varsity lakes Qld 4227

 Training; This procedure is written within the Policies and procedures manual and all ministers are able to access this manual via their computer terminal. All ministers at Hope College are to be trained in the implementation of this procedure upon the commencement of their ministry at Hope Collage


 The method this Policy will be made public to students will be on Hope of the Gold Coast Ltd’s website ( Hope of the Gold Coast Ltd will also advise students about where this policy may be obtained from as part of their enrolment information.

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